Brisbane Airport's new runway

The runway is a critical part of a multi-billion dollar investment into capacity-building infrastructure. The new runway will be 3.3km long, 60m wide, located 2km west of and parallel to the existing main runway. It will have more than 12km of taxiways, navigational aids, airfield infrastructure and hundreds of hectares of airfield landscaping.


Client: Brisbane Airport Corporation

Services: As appointed Cost Planner, Programmer and Commercial Adviser, we provided the following services;

  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Constructability Advice
  • Tender Evaluation Assistance
  • On site construction manager secondment for civil and dredging packages.

Project Cost: $1.35 billion

Time frame: 2007 – Project will be completed by 2020


The biggest aviation project in Australia, when complete will give Brisbane the best runway system in the country. BAC reclaimed 360 hectares of  soft marshland by pumping 13 million cubic metres of sand onto the site. Over four years, the weight of the sand, working with 330,000 wick drains funnelling the water to the surface, created a solid base for the runway.

Once the base was ready, construction of the new runway and taxiways began. The new pavement will be 3.3 kilometres long, 60 metres wide and will have 12km of taxiways. Lighting, navigational aids and landscaping will also take place in this phase. Environmentally sound and award winning, the project will create 2,700 construction jobs.


Project Support initially provided constructability advice and estimates of construction costs for various parts of the proposed works with the role expanding over the past five years to that of Project Cost, Constructability and Risk Adviser.

More recently as the project has moved into the detailed design and construction phase, the Project Support role has been further extended to include Scheduler and Commercial Adviser for tender selection advice to BAC for the major packages.


Our consultants have worked closely with our client to ensure project goals were successfully achieved. The project continues on track with all construction phases to date completed on time, with the current construction of the pavements and airfield on schedule for completion in 2020. The project has won an Excellence Award in the Environmental category of the 2014 Queensland Engineering Awards.